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About us - Spandan homeopathy Clinic

SPANDAN Homeopathic clinic and counseling centre has been initiated in 2013. The founder of centre, Dr. Amol Sevekari has a good experience of handling variety of cases with homeopathy. His experience in homoeopathy and results in cases of people using homeopathic line of treatment is helping the other patients to seek treatment from him. He has been practicing on the Homoeopathic Principle: LIKE CURES LIKE. SPANDAN Homeopathy clinic and counseling centre is a specialized center for homeopathic treatment and counseling on all sorts of diseases. Use of homeopathy is increasing day by day because it is a Holistic science. Holistic means which takes care of the person as a Whole {Mind and Body}. If a person has some disease we try to elicit the causes of the suffering of patient and give him a suitable homeopathic remedy which take care of his mind and body and helps a person to cure. Phone consultation and video call consultation like Skype is available for distant patients and medicine will be sent by courier. You can call on 9766130911 for such appointments. We offer treatment for every disease with homeopathy along with Counseling for mental disturbances. Following are our specialties - 1. ALL SKIN DISEASE, PSORIASIS, ACNE ETC. 2. ALL PSYCHIATRY DISEASES, ANXIETY, WORRY, IRRITABILITY 3. CHRONIC DISEASES 4. ALLERGY 5. JOINT DISORDERS AND MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS 6. ALLERGIC DISEASES, RESPIRATORY AND LUNG DISEASES 7. KIDENY DISEASES, URINARY DISEASE AND KIDNEY STONES 8. MENASTRUAL DISORDER AND GYNECOLOGICAL DISORDER 9. SEXUAL ISSUES AND INFERTILITY 10. PEDIATRIC DISEASES, LEARNING DISABILITY Etc 11. DIABETES, BLOOD PRESSURE, THYROID, CANCER Etc. We offer Counseling for following issues 1. FAMILY AND MARRIAGE COUNSELING, PREMARITAL COUNSELING 2. CHILD COUNSELING 3. MANAGEMENT OF EXCESSIVE FEAR, WORRY, AND IRRITABILITY 4. SEXUAL ISSUES 5. NERVOUSNESS, SADNESS AND SUICIDAL THINKING 6. CONFIDENCE BUILDING 7. BEDWETTING 8. BUS, CAR LIFT FEAR 9. MULTIPLE SOMATIC COMPLAINT

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